IAT 320 project proposal

Posted: March 25, 2012 in IAT320

We planned two ideas for proposal. the first idea we had to work out the less representational and more expriencable(I just made up that word but you get the meaning) of the shadow idea based on psychology. We originally wanted to have colors represent ideas of acceptance. but we worked out how to make reduce representation and more experience so we decided we came up with this which is our propopsal.

Floating Shadows

Concept:Our idea for our art piece is based on shadow puppets. By shadow puppets mean the kinds that you make shadows in shape of animals by grabbing your hand in a certain way. Shadows means many things in different context, in terms of shadow in nature, shadow is just darkness that is perpetuated by blocking light that will shine on the dark area. In psychology terms, the term shadow coined by Carl Jung, means the darkness in human hearts, not necessarily evil some people just find it uncomfortable, it is the vulnerabilities or weaknesses on of self. He referred the shadow  as the “seat of creativity” perhaps due to the fact that people do not want to show this side of themselves . Some people are afraid to show their creativity because it might show something they are not willing to show about themselves. Shadows in nature and psychology project in different ways because of the fact that shadows in nature is more tangible in a sense than shadows in psychology. In terms of psychology  So we want to experiment with the idea of shadow being a hidden source of creativity that has not been expressed and shadow projection and making them into a form that is more tangible and can be experienced. So we combined the idea of shadows in nature and shadow in our hearts to create a projection that can be seen. Our project is to make shadow puppets in front of the camera and record it then project them onto the surroundings in colorful manners. The movements of the shadow puppets will be recorded as well to create a more dynamic and lively effect. We will make the shadows project in colorful lights for the sake of beauty and irony of the idea of shadow being a form of darkness while the projector is projecting shadow puppets in forms of light. The shadow will move is a somewhat erratic manner to make the effect of the projections to be more dynamic and lively. The shadows will be projected on to the surroundings to make the user feel immersed in the experience as the shadow will surround the user. We hope the users will interpret the projection in their own terms because the idea of shadows is that you either do not know about your shadow, reject your shadow or accept your shadow. We also hope the user to find this project to be interesting and fun to interact with.

Scenario: The users will make shadow puppets out of their hand in front of a camera. The system will record the shadow puppets and make them into a projectable form. The movement recording of the shadow puppets will either be done automatically or controlled by a controller.
The shadow puppets will be projected on to the environment which can be either a free empty room or an area of black screen what ever the projector will work better on. The projected shadow puppets will be in different colors and will move in an erratic way. However the shadow will normally start where your hand is.

materials: webcam, laptop, operator?, max msp, Open GL?, ccv?

Technical Specifications: We propose to use Community Core Vision (CCV) to motion track the user’s hand gestures. The data will then be transferred to Max for processing using openGL.

Space Requirement: we would need around 5mx5m space since we need space for the screens, the projector and the camera set up.

Conceptual references and Research notes:
Research on concepts of shadows:
wikipedia entry on shadows in nature
An article on how to write a three dimensional character by using personal flaws.
Shadow is  seat of creativity means the hidden creativity of people.
People are afraid to show their dark side so sometimes they are afraid to show their work.
An introduction on the idea of shadows
Shadows are human weaknesses or vulnerbilities that they are afraid to express or project
Shadows project in forms of actions and emotions, and it can cause people to be hypocrates, or feel uncomfortable.
BMW commericial that utilizes shadow puppets
shadows making after image
children leaving after image of their shadows and the children scares fishes

Technical Specifications Research:
-Using CCV and some infrared sensors to create a “touch table” as an input device to output some processed audio through Processing and Max/MSP
-CCV main site
-Somewhat mentioned about CCV to Max/MSP/Jitter data transfer

-I think CCV otuputs TUIO datas (don’t know what kind data this is) and I think I found a patch for transferring TUIO to Max

In case that idea doesn’t work we came up with another idea which is explained in this proposal.

The Macarina Shirt

concept: Our concept is named dances that require touching one’s own body in particular the Macarina dance. We are also inspired by the idea of invisible instruments such as air guitar and air violin and how they are in a way making the instrument part of one self. We noticed how touching one’s own body and the unique but repetitive movement of the dance makes the dance to be a memorable and fun experience. We want to create a new experience based on the idea of touching own body and combining it with music. We have noticed a particular style of dance or music that is based on slapping one’s body and that the body is an instrument for music. We want to take the experience on a more literal level and came up with a shirt that will produce music when certain part of the body is touched. The shirt will also perpetuate the sound when the body is shaking, making the body similar to a maraca. Our goal for this shirt is to create a fun and memorable experience for the users while they are using their body as a musical instrument.

Sceneario: The user will be wearing a shirt that is made of 7 patches of either soft switches or preferably, pressure sensitive material that will correspond to each note of music. Whenever the patches are hit or touched the shirt will send signals to the system that the shirt will operate on. The system will then return the sound based on which patched has been touched. Shaking the shirt will repeat the sound in a similar fashion to a maraca. The sound from shaking will be changed whenever a new patch has been touched. The system will go on perpetually as the shirt is the musical instrument.

Materials: shirt, fabric, fabric wires, sponge, short jumper wires, Arduino, power source (battery), accelerometer, pressure sensors.

Technical Specifications: We propose to use variable resistive soft switches and a number of accelerometers as the sensors for Arduino to trigger Max/MSP (or Processing) to generate pre-recorded sounds or even combine them.

-The child in the video is slapping his own body to make particular sound
-plays guitar on a song
-Wearable tamborine
-Drum pants-closest to our idea
-The guy is wearing a shirt that make sounds when he moves
-(Not exactly related to our concept, but uses Max/MSP to generate sound from light sensors. Thought it was interesting.)

so cool a
Technical Specifications Research:
-Processing example code for generating sound based on incoming Arduino triggers
-Max/MSP and Arduino communication example code (basic tutorial using a library)
-Video tutorial of above library
-Main site of the above library

And yes it is inspired by the macarina dance. Ill post up the sketches later. Ill leave you with this song


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